Quick Start Guide

Modes Introduction

There are total four modes in this app (ss means shadowsocks):

  • Auto Mode (recommended): all sites in GFW List would be accessed via ss server,while the rest accessed directly.You can also add customed sites to Custom Rules so they can be accessed via ss server as well.
  • Global Mode: all sites are accessed via ss server.
  • Oversea Mode: if you are oversea(outside China mainland) and want to access sites within China,when using this mode,choose a mainland server,all chinese ip would be access via ss server(which as we mentioned,a server located in china),thus you can access services like QQ Music,Youku etc without any restriction.
  • Blacklist Mode: all sites are accessed via ss server, except those in Custom Rules, this rule file is a different one from Auto Mode.

Manually setup socks5 proxy (for App Store Version only)

For those of you who use Shadowsocks X downloaded from App Store, you have to enable and disable socks5 settings manually,accordding to Apple Policy,configuration network dynamically is prohibited in sandbox app.If you use Non Sanbox Version,you can simply ignore this,the app will automatically configure them for you.

How to setup socks5 proxy

Block AD

From time to time,when you are surfing online,there are always annoying banner ads or floating ads that pop up,Block AD is an experimental function,we try to block those annoying ads as many as possible,and leave you focused on the things you are interested.

Http Proxy

Shadowsocks X supports both Socks5 protocol and Http Proxy,if you want to enable Http Proxy for those softwares that don't support socks5,you can enable this in Preferences,for example,if you want to use it in Terminal, you can enable http proxy and then Copy Http Proxy Shell Command and then past to Terminal,then you are good to go.